Couple Communication II

About the Program

COUPLE COMMUNICATION II Advanced program – extends the use of skills taught in COUPLE COMMUNICATION I into processes for you to continue building a collaborative relationship. It includes managing your own, and responding to your partner's, anger more effectively.


  • Develop greater ability to use skills for bridging to one another
  • Make more mutually satisfying decisions
  • Enjoy deeper intimacy
  • Build a more committed and confident future together

Included in the Program

The Skills Zone
Guidelines for:
Staying skilled
regardless of what the other person does
a "collaborative operating system" in important conversations.
Managing My Anger
Ways for:
4 unhealthy expressions of anger
a healthy process for putting anger to work constructively.
Responding to My Partner's Anger
Skills for:
Being alert
to your own typical reactions to your partner's anger
tension and acting in positive ways for your relationship.
Aligning Our Relationship
A map for:
our values and goals
plans for the future.

Learning Formats and Methods

You and your partner participate in one of two formats:

In a group with an instructor and several other couples
in four sessions totaling 6 hours
By yourselves as a couple with an instructor
in five 50-minute sessions

Your Privacy is Respected.
 You choose together privately, as a couple, the issues you discuss and practice.

Enjoy Continued Learning Through:

  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Practice and Exercises
  • Skill and Process Coaching
  • Applications

User Friendly Couple Materials

As a couple, you use a COUPLE COMMUNICATION II Couple Packet containing:

  • 2 Thriving Together in the SkillsZone workbooks
  • 2 Laptop/Tabletop Skills Mats
  • 2 Awareness Wheel pads

The materials are for:

  • Use during sessions
  • Practice at home between sessions
  • Application after the course to reinforce skills when negotiating issues

The workbooks in the Couple Packet are softcover, 8 x 10 inches, 83 pages, 2010.
The COUPLE COMMUNICATION II Couple Packet is $37.00.
You receive a Couple II Packet through your instructor.

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